Students Reflect on Start of School Year


Cassidy Carlisle

Chase Guerrette ’22 and Reagan Salcedo ’25 walk the halls on September 3, a few days after the return of the mask mandate. “I think everyone’s in the same boat that we would prefer not to wear them,” said Libby Kinney ’22. “But we are doing what’s needed.”

Cassidy Carlisle, Staff Writer

The first four weeks went by in a blur. Typically, the first days of a school year make an impression. This is no less true this year, when students came back with expectations for a different experience than last year.

“This year I walked in and didn’t see as many familiar faces,” said senior Libby Kinney. Kinney says she has always been friends with the older girls but finally she’s the senior. Sophomore Kaci Kennedy says that as much as she is enjoying the start of the school year it is very hectic. She said, “It’s different because there are fewer restrictions, and way more kids, because remote learning isn’t an option this year.” A new freshman at PIHS shared how she is feeling about the start of high school. Olivia Boardman ‘25 said, “I’m enjoying high school, but going along with that there is a lot of work.”

Kinney says that if she could describe PIHS in one word it would be, “Home, it’s a place I’ve always known.”

Being the youngest in the school is hard, but Boardman’s advice after her opening weeks of high school is, “Don’t get too attached to your friends from middle school. “Be open to making new friendships.”

Kinney stated that she’s feeling about the different schedule change from last year. “I really like my schedule this year, although it’s frustrating going back to the seven periods, because I really liked the four blocks last year, but I’m getting back into the groove of things.”

The start of the school year most definitely went by in a blur. It may not have met everyone’s expectations and it may have exceeded some. With so much still evolving this school year, students hope for the best after harvest break.