What about…

We begin to track down answers to what winter sports will look like this year


Cassidy Carlisle

Presque Isle High School empty gymnasium awaits the arrival of winter sports. Basketball tryouts begin November 22.

Cassidy Carlisle, Staff Writer

“We’re moving towards being normal, but we aren’t back yet,” said SAD 1 Athletic Director Mark White. “Masking as of right now will be required for all coaches, officials, players, and spectators,” said White. There are no limits right now on the number of spectators allowed. White said he’s feeling much better [about winter sports] than last year. “I like it when the stands are full,” White said. “It’s a community event at that point, and that’s what it’s all about.” A lot about how this year’s winter sports will go will depend on local control within the CDC guidelines. For the game atmosphere, that would include cheerleaders, concessions, masking and spectators. 

At this point, outdoor sports will not require masking.

Moving forward, this is important advice to remember. “Our ability to have fans and spectators is going to be based on the cooperation we get,” said White. “If someone chooses not to wear their mask that’s not only a strike against them, that’s a strike against everyone else.”

Some juniors and seniors are the only varsity athletes who remember what it was like to have fans and not to have to play a high school sport with masks. “The thing that was missing the most last year was the support and fans within the gym,” said senior varsity girls basketball player Faith Sjoberg. “Having fans just changes the whole atmosphere.” Senior varsity boys hockey player Ethan Shaw said, “I’m a little upset about having to wear a mask again this year, but, in the end, if it means I get to play the sport I love then I’ll wear the mask.”

The Athletics office has no further information on what masking and other guidelines will look like in host schools we may travel to. “I think our fans are going to step up. I don’t have a lot of worries about that,” said White.