TikTok Talks

TikTok accounts that are worth your time

Abby Collins, Staff Writer

Emily Mariko (@emilymariko) 

If you’re on TikTok, you’ve probably heard of Emily Mariko or at least her trending “salmon bowl.” Emily has popularized the salmon bowl which consists of leftover salmon, rice, kewpie mayo, sriracha and soy sauce. And though the food itself is good, it’s the technique that’s amazed everyone. She takes cold rice and puts an ice cube and wax paper over it when it’s in the microwave to keep the moisture in the rice. Other than the occasional, questionable outfit posts, check out her account for the salmon bowl and other great recipes.

Noodles the Pug (@jongraz) 

Noodles, the dog that decides how productive our day will be simply by whether he stands or lays down. Yup. Noodles is a thirteen year old pug who’s grown quite popular over the last few weeks. Johnathon, Noodles’ owner, posts daily TikToks of whether his pug decides to stand up tall (“bones”) and have a day for getting stuff done or lay right back down (“no bones”) and take the day off.

Christmas List (@yoitsar)

If your parents are on you to make a list for the holidays, check out Sara Ferro for some ideas. She’ll get your creative juices flowing and her content is sure to get in you the spirit of lists… I mean Christmas. Even if nothing she recommends gives you the sparks of a mistletoe kiss, it’ll get you thinking about the joy of giving and opening gifts.

Vegan Recipes (@ballehurns)

Even though I’m not vegan, one of my favorite accounts for recipes is @ballehurns. She has so many recipes to choose from and each one is healthy, vegan and mouth-watering. If you’re vegan especially, and stumped on what to have for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just a snack, she’s your girl. Balle‘s laid-back recipes and calming voice are so convincing that her food is top notch.