Home turf pride

What did our own soccer players think about the State Championship games on their home turf?


Presque Isle High School Athletes enjoy taking pictures with Class C state champions, Waynflete. Waynflete had an game exciting victory over Fort Kent on Saturday. “It’s amazing the intensity players have when they are playing for a goal ball,” said Hunter Reed ‘24.

Cassidy Carlisle, Staff Writer

“These games were enjoyable to watch because each team was competing for a gold ball, so they all wanted it very badly that their drive and intensity were fun to watch,” said Hunter Reed ‘24. Reed was one of many PI soccer players who attended the four state championship games hosted at the Gehrig T. Johnson Athletic Complex on November 6.

It really makes me appreciate the Wildcat fans. They show up every game and produce the same energy for us as players.”

— Jack Hallett '23

The Athletics Department hosted four championship games for Classes C and D boys and girls soccer. According to the PIHS Athletics Office, over 1,325 fans attended on Saturday. Our own soccer players were amongst the fans there.

Logan Sherman ‘23 said, “My favorite game of the day was definitely the boys Class C game, Waynflete versus Fort Kent.” Waynflete ended up winning that game 2-1. “It was just a great environment, the team’s fans and student section were super fun and enjoyable,” said Sherman. Agreeing with Sherman, junior Dawson Kinney said, “My favorite game of the day was the Fort Kent game. I really enjoyed just seeing people we know from around The County supporting Fort Kent. You don’t realize the support we get up here until you are part of it.” 

In the spirit of being good fans, our soccer players decided they would celebrate with the winning Waynflete team, as well. “We were just having fun with it, it was nice to share laughs with the teams and meet a couple new people in the soccer community we didn’t know before,” said Kinney.  Jack Buck ‘24 said, “I saw the winning team’s fans going to celebrate the win with them, we became friends with them and they let us take pictures with their gold ball.” Samir Sayed of Waynflete scored two goals to help Waynflete win their third consecutive state championship. Members of the PI varsity boys soccer team especially were impressed with Sayed. “My favorite game of the day was the Waynflete versus Fort Kent because Samir, our new homie, is on that team,” Evan Chapman ’24 said.

Athletes on the PI varsity soccer teams gave their reasons on why they attended Saturday’s games. “I went to the games on Saturday because I had nothing better to do, and I love watching soccer, but it ended up being such a fun day,” Karlyn Gilmour ‘24 said. Kinney’s reasoning for attending the games on Saturday was a little different. “I wanted to go and support Fort Kent representing The County to compete for something we fell short of this season,” he said. Not only did some of our athletes take pictures with some of the teams and fans they also interviewed someone, as well as Kinney caught a very important moment on camera one of Waynflete’s goals.

According to Jack Hallett ’23, there’s nothing like a hometown crowd. “Some team’s fans were quiet and didn’t get into the game,” he said. “As much as I enjoyed being at those games and having fun with their fans, it really makes me appreciate the Wildcat fans. They show up every game and produce the same energy for us as players.”

The games on Saturday didn’t miss the point of being exciting at all, not for the players, coaches, fans, and definitely not for the PI athletes.