Thanksgiving Edition Humans of PIHS: Chauncey O’Connell ‘23

A look inside Chauncey’s Thanksgiving with an incident at a past Thanksgiving involving a cat


Hannah Ousby

Chauncey O’Connell ‘23 poses after getting interviewed about his Thanksgivings and what they are like. “This cat is like the size of the turkey,” O’Connell said.

Hannah Ousby, Staff Writer

Do you Decorate for Thanksgiving or not?

Ya, we decorate

Football or Macy’s Day Parade?


Stay home or go see family?

Go see family and friends

Help cook dinner or relax?


Vegetarian Thanksgiving or not?

Not vegetarian 

Homemade food or ordered food?

Homemade food

Homemade stuffing or box stuffing?

Homemade stuffing

Green bean casserole or salad?

Green bean casserole 

Mashed potatoes or candied yams?

Mashed potatoes

Cranberry sauce or fruit salad?

Cranberry sauce

Apple pie or apple crisp?

Apple pie

Pumpkin pie or pecan pie?

Pecan pie

Turkey or ham?


Turkey thigh or turkey breast?

Turkey breast

Light or dark turkey meat?

Light meat

What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?

Probably just mashed potatoes stuffing and just turkey in general, nothing extraordinary.

What is something your family has for Thanksgiving that isn’t a common Thanksgiving dish?

We commonly order whoopie pies for our Thanksgiving…we usually have a bunch sitting in the middle of the table.

What is your favorite Thanksgiving memory?

Probably when one of the cats jumped on the table and grabbed the whole turkey. This cat is like the size of the turkey and somehow physically she was able to pull it off the tray.

What are you grateful for?

I’m grateful for my family and my friends and my pets, especially my pets