Thanksgiving Edition Humans of PIHS: Mrs. Whitten-Smith

Have you ever had Cranberry Salad? Mrs. Whitten-Smith makes it sound so good. It has raspberry jelly in it!


Hannah Ousby

Art teacher Ellyn Whitten-Smith said, “I have a chocolate pumpkin marble cheesecake.” Doesn’t that make you excited for Thanksgiving?

Hannah Ousby, Staff Writer

Do you Decorate for Thanksgiving or not?

Ya, a little bit

Football or Macy’s Day Parade?


Stay home or go see family?

Stay home, family comes in

Help cook dinner or relax?

Help cook dinner

Vegetarian Thanksgiving or not?

Not, but we’ve got plenty of veggie sides.

Homemade food or ordered food?


Homemade stuffing or box stuffing?


Green bean casserole or salad?

Neither? We don’t have salad on Thanksgiving 

Mashed potatoes or candied yams?


Cranberry sauce or fruit salad?


Apple pie or apple crisp?


Pumpkin pie or pecan pie?


Turkey or ham?


Turkey thigh or turkey breast?


Light or dark turkey meat?


What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?

Pecan Pie

What is something your family has for Thanksgiving that isn’t a common Thanksgiving dish?

We do the little baby onions, not everyone has those. We do pretty usual stuff.

What is your favorite Thanksgiving memory?

Probably the last one where both our in-laws were with us. Milton would always make homemade stuffing which was just the absolute best thing in the world. Linda would bring different little things… probably one of those, when they were both with us.

What are you grateful for?

Health this year