Holiday Edition Humans of PIHS: Nyah Langley ’25

We all have that magical memory of Santa when we were kids, and Nyah’s is especially heartwarming



Nyah Langley ‘25 said she would rather perform in the Nutcracker than play in the Super Bowl. Do you agree?

Hannah Ousby and Abby Collins

Sleep in or wake up early on Christmas?

Wake up early

Colorful tree or set theme?

Set theme

Make Christmas ornaments for your tree or make gifts for people?

Make gifts for people 

Open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?


Open presents one at a time or all at once?

One at a time

A bunch of small presents or one or two big presents?

One or two big presents

Receive presents or give presents?

Give presents

Have a snowy Christmas or a green Christmas?


Spend Christmas with your family or with a celebrity of choice?


Watch the Polar Express or Elf?


Be in a scene from Charlie Brown Christmas or Elf?


See the Nutcracker or perform in the Nutcracker?

See the Nutcracker 

Play in the Super Bowl or perform in the Nutcracker?


Spend a day with the Grinch or Jack Frost?

Jack Frost

Gingerbread cookies or sugar cookies?


Eggnog or hot chocolate?


Mint or fruity candy canes?


What is your favorite Christmas memory?

It’s a long story. So when I was like four or five I shared a room with my sister and we had bunk beds. My mom was out in the living room wrapping presents, and I kept on yelling to her cause I could not sleep. She finally got done, and I went to her room and was laughing super hard – at I don’t even know what; we were making all kinds of jokes. I got all of us laughing . . . I heard footsteps out in the living room and I was, like, “Mom, Santa’s here.” I could hear him eating the cookies and I asked mom if I could go out to the living room and see if I had presents out there and the whole entire living room was full of presents. I went back to bed and couldn’t I sleep the rest of the night

What is your favorite Christmas present you’ve received or given?

My mom got me a TV for my room

What is a Christmas tradition you have? 

To go to my uncle’s house every Christmas night for dinner