Holiday Edition Humans of PIHS: Meghan Boardman ’23

Ornaments or decorations often connect with a meaningful memory.


Abby Collins

Meghan Boardman ‘23 shared a tragic story of the glass pickle ornament her family hides.

Abby Collins and Hannah Ousby

Sleep in or wake up early on Christmas?

Get up early. 

Colorful tree or set theme?

Set theme. 

Make Christmas ornaments for your tree or make gifts for people?


Open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

Christmas Day. 

Open presents one at a time or all at once?

Take turns

A bunch of small presents or one or two big presents?

A bunch of small presents

Receive presents or gift presents?

Give… I think

Have a snowy Christmas or a green Christmas?


Spend Christmas with your family or with a celebrity of choice?

My family

Watch the Polar Express or Elf?

Polar Express, I watched with my grandfather when we were little. 

Be in a scene from Charlie Brown Christmas or Elf?


See the Nutcracker or perform in the Nutcracker?

See the Nutcracker 

Play in the Super Bowl or perform in the Nutcracker?


Spend a day with the Grinch or Jack Frost?

The Grinch 

Gingerbread cookies or sugar cookies?


Egg nog or hot chocolate?

Hot chocolate

Mint or fruity candy canes?


What is your favorite Christmas memory?

When I was little, we had this ornament on our tree and it was a pickle and we had our friends over for a meal on Christmas Day and my friend’s brother bit the pickle, not knowing it was glass, and it shattered in his mouth. 

What is your favorite Christmas present you’ve received or given?

I made my grandmother a table out of my grandfather’s wood that he had in his shop after he died so it was very memorable. 

What is a Christmas tradition you have? 

Every Christmas morning before we open presents we read the true Christmas Chronicles.