Holiday Edition Humans of PIHS : Mrs. Gardner

Mrs. Gardner’s gift for you this holiday season is, “Be Kind”


Abby Collins

Is anyone else jealous of Mrs. Gardner’s L.L.Bean backpack? It makes it all the more special that its from her mother-in-law

Hannah Ousby and Abby Collins

Sleep in or wake up early on Christmas?

Sleep in 

Colorful tree or set ornaments?

Colorful tree

Make Christmas ornaments for your tree or make gifts for people?


Open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?


Open presents one at a time or all at once?

One at a time 

A bunch of small presents or one or two big presents?

One big present

Receive presents or gift presents?

Give presents

Have a snowy Christmas or a green Christmas?


Spend Christmas with your family or with a celebrity of choice?


Watch the Polar Express or Elf?


Be in a scene from Charlie Brown Christmas or Elf?


See the Nutcracker or perform in the Nutcracker?

See the Nutcracker 

Play in the Super Bowl or perform in the Nutcracker?

Preform in the Nutcracker

Spend a day with the Grinch or Jack Frost?

Jack Frost 

Gingerbread cookies or sugar cookies?

Sugar cookies 

Egg nog or hot chocolate?

Hot chocolate 

Mint or fruity candy canes?


What is your favorite Christmas memory?

Sitting at my grandmother’s with our entire family on my dad’s side all together, each of us taking turns opening one present at a time. Just being there, laughing at each other, and half the gifts were gag gifts so everybody was just cracking up. That’s my favorite.

What is your favorite gift you have received or given?

My L.L.Bean backpack that my mother-in-law got me. She didn’t always give me cool gifts, but that one was very cool. My favorite gift I gave was a big picture. My mom was legally blind, and for senior pictures I got her a really big picture so she could see it.

What is a Christmas tradition you have? 

Since my parents have both passed away and my husband’s parents have both passed away, we do Christmas Eve at my family’s house and we do Christmas Day with his family.