Band is BACK

PIHS game band performs at home basketball game for the first time since 2020


Kai Levesque

The PIHS band plays during warmups of the girls varsity basketball game, Presque Isle against Caribou. Band members are required to sit three feet apart at all times and wear masks when not playing. “Mr Priest is the best!” said Demetrius Ortiz ’25.

Kai Levesque, Staff Writer

Trumpets, shrill flutes, melodic clarinets, saxophones, and a sick drum beat declared the return of the PIHS band to home sporting events at the varsity girls game against Caribou on Tuesday, January 5. “I was really sad when I heard that the band couldn’t attend games last year,” said Demetrius Ortiz ‘25, clarinet player. “Now that we’re back, it feels great. I feel like I finally have a life; it’s great to be a part of a community, even if we have to stay three feet apart at all times.” 

Faith Sjoberg ‘22, member of the girls varsity team, voiced her disappointment about the previous year, as well. “Band adds an energy,” said Sjoberg. “It gives the team something to work towards. Games had been rather dull without the music— it’s more real in comparison to iTunes music on a speaker. It’s energetic,” Sjoberg said. 

Flutist Alyssa Howe ‘23 finds the band special and energizing. “I felt very good about our performance at the girls game. I was impressed with the music!” said Howe. “It’s really great to be back. I had really missed performing at tournaments and games – I feel like we helped the players,” she said.

With their return, the band is required to mask whenever unoccupied with instruments. Despite COVID restrictions and adaptations, students feel good about the band experience.“I would recommend that more people join the band. It’s a true thrill and so much fun!” said Howe.