Midterm care packages

The freshman class starts a new fundraiser of selling midterm care packages

Hannah Ousby, Staff Writer

Students are checking their grades, aiming for 90’s or above in those classes with exemption, and just overall stressing about the upcoming midterms at the end of this month. To help ease the nerves, the freshman class is selling midterm care packages.

According to class adviser and math teacher Michelle Despres, students or parents can fill out an order form for a care package. You can put the student’s name you want to send it to, or you can also put ‘any student’ so that a student who may not have gotten one can get one. “When you fill out your form there will be a space for you to put a little joke or something,” said  Despres. This is a great way to help give a student some encouragement or help them relax when they take the midterms.

The care packages are ten dollars each, and they will include a drink, a sweet snack, a savory snack, a pencil, an eraser and chapstick. The intent is to help stressed students get some added energy and ease to help them get through the midterm stretch. There are already orders rolling in, and the deadline for an order will be January 21. For anyone who has allergies or can’t eat any sort of foods there is a spot on the form to put these concerns.

The freshman class is bringing in this new idea not only for their class, but for all the students in the school. “The class of 2025 really want to give back to the high school,” said Despres.

Find the form to order a care package, click here.