TikTok Talks

Chances are, these creators have been on your feed too.


Abby Collins, Staff Writer

Maia Knight @maiaknight

Maia is well known for her occasionally controversial parenting and adorable babies. As a young, single mom, she tries her best to handle her twin daughters, Scout and Violet, while still making time for fun and socialization in her free time. The girls have been given many nicknames and commenters love to come up with new ones depending on the context of the TikTok. Maia and fans often make the joke that the babies are old enough to do tasks on their own, such as making their own bottles. 

Jasmine and Soup @jasminechiswell and @xlilsoup

It’s been quite the competition to see which creator will have their baby first. Jasmine, who has just hit 40 weeks, was first popular for looking very similar to Marilyn Monroe and even living in her old home. Soup, who has just hit 36 weeks, is known for dating Caleb Finn who was a popular TikToker and even before TikTok, Musically, creator. Both are very close to or past due dates and the babies could be be here any day! 

Egg Peeling 

I’m sure you remember trying to take every seed out of a strawberry at some point, similarly, many creators are attempting to peel the shell from the egg leaving the membrane intact. It’s most commonly seen while scrolling through TikToks or TikTok Lives. Most times they separate the shell from the thin membrane and use tweezers to remove only the shell. As silly as it sounds, it’s quite entertaining, fascinating, and majorly time consuming. 

Brooklynne @xobrooklynne

Brooklynne is most well known for her… unique song, My Crown. She’s also popular for her quick, and dramatic style changes like when she “went emo” for a day. Many commenters debate whether her content is serious or all just a joke. While she’s not dressed up, her content is fairly normal and she and her fans like to pretend that the bit never even happened. Brooklynne also has a private account were she has more information for true fans.