Have a little Faith

Faith Sjoberg ’22 becomes 20th Wildcat basketball player to score one thousand points


Emily Straetz

Faith Sjoberg ’22 gets congratulated by her teammates after scoring her 1,000th career basketball point on February 15 at home against Belfast in the preliminary round. She reached the long awaited benchmark during her very last home game in high school, as they will head to tournament in Bangor on Saturday. “I actually think I was more outwardly emotional than Faith was, because I just immediately started crying,“ teammate Anna Jandreau ’23 said. “I was so excited and happy for her because it’s such an unbelievable goal for her to reach.”

Cassidy Carlisle, Staff Writer

On February 15 the girls varsity basketball team played their prelim game against Belfast, and took the win with a score of 68 to 22. Along with the guaranteed spot in Bangor for Tournament, Faith Sjoberg ‘22 capped off her PIHS home gym appearances with her 1,000th point, on a 3-pointer in the first quarter. “Ever since I was a little kid, and I saw the list of players hanging in the gym, I knew I wanted to join them,” Sjoberg said. “I was never sure if I would actually be able to do it, but I had no doubt that I would give it everything that I had.” 

Varsity girls head coach Jeff Hudson believes that Sjoberg is the eighth Lady Wildcat he has coached who has reached the 1000 points achievement. “Thousand point scorers help make the other players better,” Hudson said. “Teams have to concentrate on them and it forces the other players to step up. If they step up – like they have done – our team improves.”

Ever since I was a little kid, and I saw the list of players hanging in the gym, I knew I wanted to join them.

— Faith Sjoberg '22

Anna Jandreau ’23 has played with Sjoberg since they were in fourth grade when they were both on an AAU team together. Although they have played together for so long Jandreau’s favorite memory happens to be from this year. “When we beat Caribou the first time, Faith and I had just made a couple of pretty good plays, and we just ran to each other and hugged. We were so happy,” said Jandreau. 

Sjoberg said she thinks her mom is part of the reason she is the player she is today. “I’d say my mom has always been my biggest supporter,” Sjoberg said. “I have spent countless hours in the gym with her, and without her rebounding and endless support, I would never be the player I am today.” In addition to family, Sjoberg believes her four-year high school basketball coach made the difference, as well. “I’m beyond grateful to have played for Coach Hudson all four years. I can’t imagine having a better coach, and I’m thankful for all I’ve learned from him. He always has so much confidence in me, and I just do my best to make him proud. He has definitely played a huge role in my basketball career.” 

Sjoberg’s high school basketball was far from perfect. Not only has she had to play through the COVID-19 pandemic, but she also ended her junior season with a shoulder injury. “To be honest, playing basketball over the summer I was very worried about my shoulder. The doctor said that if I dislocated it again, I would have to get surgery, which would take me months to get back on the court,” said Sjoberg. “However, once I started playing more and more, I gained some confidence and trusted my shoulder more. Now I feel like I’m back 100%, and I’m just glad that it has never really affected me since then.” 

Although Sjoberg’s name will always hang in the PIHS gymnasium, the biggest legacy she will leave behind is her leadership on the court. “My favorite part about playing with Faith is that she always knows how to calm me down whenever I get worked up while playing. Just having her on the court has become a comfort for me,” said Jandreau.

Through all of Sjoberg’s basketball career one thing she will be remembered for is her team mentality. “I am just really happy for Faith. She has been a wonderful player to coach over these four years,” said Hudson, “She is talented, humble and cares more about her team than she does stats. She is a great role model for all of us.”