Off with the masks

SAD 1 Board decides it’s time to move to an optional mask state


Marcie Young

On the first day of masks being optional on March 1, students take full advantage of this time by playing basketball in the gym before school without face coverings.

Cassidy Carlisle, Staff Writer

On February 28, the SAD 1 Board of Directors voted to make masks optional, effective immediately. As many may remember, PIHS started school in August with masks optional, but that changed as the cases started to rise. Some students are choosing to unmask while others are not. Let’s take an inside look at how some of our students are feeling about this new policy.

“My favorite thing about not having to wear a mask is seeing people’s facial expressions, it’s just really nice to be able to actually see how people are feeling,” said Faith Sjoberg ’22. (Cassidy Carlisle )


“It’s making me feel happier, I’ve definitely noticed a boost in my energy,” said Neve Guerrette ’25. (Cassidy Carlisle )


“I think not having to mask is great because the masks bug me,” said Bailey Davenport ’25. (Cassidy Carlisle)


“It feels great to not have to wear a mask, I feel like I can actually breathe and that students and teachers are more happy and excited. It’s like things are starting to go back to normal,” said McKenna Brown ’22. (Cassidy Carlisle)


“I’m really happy that the masks are optional, so people can see my lip gloss again,” said Emily Straetz ’23. (Abby Collins )


“I love being able to see all my beautiful friends’ faces,” said Molly McCluskey ’25. (Abby Collins)


“I feel amazing without a mask, it feels like weight has been lifted off my shoulders,” said Lexi Morningstar ’24. (Abby Collins)


“I really like not having to wear a mask, although it feels kind of weird especially when you realize, ‘Oh I don’t have a mask on,’ said Charlie Peers ’25. (Abby Collins)


“I’m nervous about masking being an option, but at the same time it’s everyone’s personal choice. I just can’t wait until people can see my facial expressions again,” said Fiona Wu ’25. (Abby Collins)