Wordle Spin-Offs


Abby Collins, Staff Writer

If you’ve done your daily Wordle but are still looking for a similar game, there’s probably a spin-off that may even interest you more. From musical cues to math equations, these are sure to keep you entertained. 


If music is your strong suit, this spin-off is the one for you. Starting out with the first second of the song, each incorrect guess or skip will lengthen the clip. You have 6 guesses before it reveals the song to you. The tricky part about this one is- no hints!! Your answer is either right or wrong, no other clues. 


To all the math whizzes out there, this one goes out to you. Even if you’re not comparable to Archimedes, simple math and deduction skills shouldn’t fail you. Numbers and symbols will show up green in the correct place, purple when the equation has that number but it’s in the wrong place, and black if it’s not in the equation at all. 


If you consider yourself a true “Swiftie” you should have no problems solving this Taylor Swift themed Wordle. The game accepts lyrics and related terms or names. With 6 guesses, green letters are in the correct spot, yellow letters are in the word but in the wrong place, and gray letters are not in the word at all. As well as you may think you know her, do you know enough terms to deduct the right one?


Calling all geography nerds! If you can tell what any country or territory is just by looking at it- you’re in luck. You have 6 tries to guess the correct country or territory and if you guess wrong they will give you the distance in either kilometers or miles and the direction you need to go. It certainly takes some smarts to recognize and figure out the right country or territory. 


When you’re off the ice this hockey themed Wordle is sure to keep you entertained!  You have to guess famous hockey players’ 5 letter last names. When you guess a letter correctly it will show up green, yellow is the correct letter but in the wrong spot, and gray squares are not in the word at all. Now, the game only accepts actual last names so again the powers of deduction should not fail you. 


Remember Pokémon Go? Well Pokémon is still in and there’s a Wordle for that! Even if you know zilch about Pokémon, the clues will give you as much information as necessary to guess correctly. When you make a guess they will tell you whether you need to go up or down in height, weight, and the generation of Pokémon. You will also get an X or a check for the two types of Pokémon it could be. Go Catch ‘Em All!