PIHS Coaching changes a part of the 2021-22 story

New stories happen all the time in our sports world, but it feels as though this year new coaches is a trend


Emily Straetz

Varsity basketball player Malachi Cummings ’23 takes the ball in against Caribou on January 5. For the 2022-23 season, both boys and girls varsity basketball coaching positions are now open. Athletic Director Mark White feels as though finding coaches to fill positions is not an easy task. “Not only do we not have a lot of people apply for positions, but it’s also hard to find ones that can fill the position of a high school coach,” said White.

Cassidy Carlisle, Staff Writer

Over the past year, coaches at PIHS seem to be changing regularly. During the 21-22 school year, at least ten positions have either been changed this year or are now open to be changed by the start of next season.

Coaching positions that have changed or have been advertised this school year:

  • varsity boys soccer assistant coach
  • jv girls soccer coach
  • varsity boys basketball coach
  • varsity girls basketball coach
  • varsity alpine skiing coach
  • varsity softball coach
  • jv softball coach
  • track & field assistant coach
  • varsity baseball assistant coach
  • varsity girls tennis coach

Madi Hedrich ’22 says that while there can be many downsides to switching coaches throughout your high school career, there are some benefits, as well. “One of the benefits of having different coaches is you are able to figure out which styles of coaching work best for you,” said Hedrich.

Breanna Wasson ’22 has had quite the experience with different coaches, as her sophomore year of skiing she had to commute back and forth from Caribou for practices because PIHS did not have a nordic ski coach. Wasson feels as though there are many struggles when it comes to switching coaches. “Changing coaches throughout my high school ski career had some struggles including adapting to different coaching styles and personalities, as well as adapting to practice in different locations,” said Wasson. “But something I look forward to when having a new coach is someone who is knowledgeable about all aspects: wax, technique, and pacing in a race.”


When hiring a coach SAD 1 Athletic Director Mark White feels that one of the most important qualities to look for is communication. “I really look for communication, like how they communicate not only spoken but written. You have to communicate with me, players, parents, and other coaches,” said White. “I also want somebody to tell me what the 21st century high school athlete is like, and I don’t know if there is a right or wrong answer to that.”

White also believes that when hiring a new coach you never want a clone of a coach you’ve had in the past. “People are different, everyone has strengths and weaknesses,” said White. “And like I’ve said before we just don’t expect nor do we necessarily want them to be exactly like the person they are taking the place of.” 


When it comes to getting a new coach Hedrich believes that there are a lot of important aspects but respect is a big one. “I look for trust, respect, talking to me as an equal, knowledge of the game, atmosphere, but I would say respect is a really important one for me,” said Hedrich. “And lastly, not taking your job too seriously, and having fun with us.” 

White feels that we need change sometimes but that doesn’t always make it easy. “Change is always good but sometimes change is hard to embrace,” White said.