Siblings Spill It

Cole ’20 and Adam ’18 Paterson


Alex Walsh

The Paterson brothers, Cole ’20 and Adam ’18

Alex Walsh, Staff Writer

Why are you the better sibling?

Adam: Me because I’m smarter, taller, more athletic. I’m better looking – that’s why.

Cole: ‘Cause I make him give me rides everywhere. I spend time with him by making him give me rides everywhere.

Who would survive a zombie apocalypse longer?

A: I would. Cole is weak and doesn’t like to wake up in the morning.

C: To be honest, probably him ‘cause he is bigger and stronger than me. I’m just a small, little guy, even though I’m faster… Probably him.

Who does mom love best?

A: My oldest brother, Andrew, because she’s nicer to him. He yells sometimes, but she doesn’t yell back, but if Cole or I would do that she’d freak out.

C: Oh definitely me because I socialize with her. He just stays in his room and plays on his laptop.

Who is more likely to become famous and why?

A: Probably Cole because he has a more famous personality. He’s more out there, extravagant I guess. He cares more about fashion and those little things.

C: Tough one… Me cause I’m better looking. I’d be a model.

Who’s the better student and why?

A: Probably me because I’m more dedicated to my studies. Cole is kinda lazy when it comes to school.

C: Him because he pays more attention. I’m just trying to skate by.

What is your biggest pet peeve about your sibling?

A: The fact that he takes 10 hours showers in the morning. Everyday I’m late to school because of it.

C: He gets mad at me a lot because I take so long in the shower.

What’s something embarrassing your sibling won’t kill you for revealing to the world?

A: I don’t really know anything embarrassing about him.

C: He uses a lot of gel in his hair.

What’s your favorite memory you share?

A: We’ve done a lot together; it’s hard to choose one specific memory. Since we are only a year and a half apart in age we do a lot of things together. Probably just hanging out together with our friends.

C: I don’t know, he’s always in his room, but, I guess, playing baseball all through high school and middle school. I got to spend time with my brother.