Motivational speaker inspires PIHS students

John Pritikin shares feats of outer and inner strength

Kalena Washington, Staff Writer

Sophomore year of high school is normally not one that most people remember, but it was a turning point for one man and his dreams. The motivational speaker Jon Pritikin heard at school that year became Pritikin’s mentor when he entered college.

Pritikin has traveled around the world and spoken at schools, conference centers, as well as at a bullfighting arena. Standing by the door and greeting people is his favorite part of assemblies. He also loves picking someone at the end to lead the countdown when he breaks the baseball bat over his thigh.

Pritikin feels honored to speak at schools around the world and to have had a huge impact on so many people. Although he feels honored, he also has a burdened heart. He has met so many people who have been hurt, most who have been hurt by family members.

“It’s like putting out a forest fire with a water gun,” Pritikin explained.

According to Dr. Greg Blackstone, he heard that Pritikin had a big impact on the students in the Fort Kent area 18-19 years ago. Dr. Blackstone did some research and approached the schools in the area about bringing Jon Pritikin up to do assemblies.

Dr. Blackstone has a heart for helping hurting children and knew that Pritikin brought hope to students from different situations. He also appreciated the encouragement that Pritikin gave to the teachers.

“I knew he was in the Guinness Book of World Records,” sophomore Taylor Fancy said, “So I knew [the assembly] would be different.”

Fancy was excited for the assembly. As the assembly went on she noticed how Pritikin affected the students around her and realized how many people feel lonely or have pain in their lives. She realized that you have to disregard negative comments but at the same time watch out for people’s feelings.

“I hope people don’t remember the baseball bat or frying pan,” Pritikin said, “but remember they are special.”