Siblings take over PIHS basketball programs

Former Wildcat athletes become Wildcat coaches


Courtesy of SHIP yearbook

Siblings Dillon Kingsbury ‘10 and Krystal Flewelling ‘15 have been announced as the new head coaches of the boys and girls varsity basketball programs. Former co-coaches in Mars Hill, Kingsbury knows they’ll have conversations about their respective teams next season. “I’m always willing to learn new things and improve my coaching skills,” said Kingsbury. “Just like in any other program, we’ll be working together closely as Girls Varsity coach and Boys Varsity coach.”

Cassidy Carlisle, Staff Writer

As they listened to coaches’ instructions in their final team huddles, in 2010 and 2015, Dillon Kingsbury and Krystal (Kingsbury) Flewelling never imagined they’d be the ones leading the huddle one day.  With the announcement on April 29, Dillon Kingsbury ’10 became the boys varsity head coach and Krystal (Kingsbury) Flewelling ’15 took on the Wildcat girls varsity basketball program.

Kingsbury says being able to run the program he once played for is a goal he’s always had. “It’s honestly a dream come true,” said Kingsbury. “The Wildcat basketball family has provided me so much throughout my career, it’s my turn to return the favor to all the current and future Wildcats.”

It’s unique to have accomplished this together, said Flewelling. “I think this is an incredible opportunity that we both have been given. Coaching in Presque Isle has always been the goal for both of us throughout our coaching careers, and it is something we have talked a lot about,” said Flewelling. “Being on the sidelines as head coaches of the Wildcats is something we both had our sights set on and the fact that we were able to achieve that goal at the same time makes it even sweeter.”

To these siblings, being a Wildcat means more than just putting on a uniform. Kingsbury says it’s a unique experience. “A Wildcat has a sense of pride when he puts on that wildcat uniform,” he said. “A Wildcat represents an entire community and not just themselves.  A Wildcat holds themselves to a different standard of excellence on and off the court.” For Flewelling, being a Wildcats means you have a different drive for yourself. “How I like to define being a Wildcat is always having that burning desire to be the best version of yourself,” said Flewelling. “Wildcats strive for perfection and do things the right way. Wildcats take pride in everything we do and strive to make a positive impact on our community.”

Kingsbury has high praise for his sister and all she has been able to accomplish. “I’m extremely proud of her. Krystal is her own person, with her own team and has her own set of philosophies,” said Kingsbury. “I’ll be cheering for her and her team this winter to be successful!”

Although this is the first time these siblings take on these roles at PIHS, it is not the first time they have coached together. During the winter sports season of 2019-2020 Kingsbury, with Flewelling as his assistant, won the Class C gold ball at the helm of the Central Aroostook Lady Panthers. 

Flewelling is looking forward to being back in the place that she spent so much of her high school years in. “I’m looking forward to coming back to my home gym as a Wildcat and running a program that I have so much respect and love for,” said Flewelling. “This program is what set the foundation for my love of basketball, and I hope that I can pass that onto my players.”