Our hallways – reviewed

After serious and scholarly study, a break down of what pros and cons each hallway has to offer


Hannah Ousby, Staff Writer

If you think about it, we spend a lot of time in the hallways of our school, although some of the hallways are more worth spending time in than others. That’s what I am here to tell you: the best (and least best) hallways.

Let’s start with Freshman Hall.

It’s a disjointed stretch that runs from the social studies classes all the way to the math wing. Sitting in the math wing, you can usually hear the teachers calling out math problems or students laughing and talking while working.

The hidden gem of freshman hall is the nook where you can get a piece of chocolate for when it is much needed. I go down there often enough for one, and it gets me through the day. There are also bulletin boards with cheesy banners and quotes.

Despite what you’d expect from a hallway full of freshman bodies, this hallway has got some good smells. Thanks to the cooking projects coming from the health classrooms, you can smell the mouthwatering foods they have made in Eating for the Health of It.  You can also find the computer lab in room 222A which is always silent unlike most of the other classrooms in this wing. Moving on to the social studies wing it gets even less quiet. I have never once walked past room 216 without hearing Mr. P talking passionately about the subject he is teaching. You can also hear documentaries on certain days about things like the Iranaian revolution or conflicts in China.

Overall, Freshman Hall has an inviting feel despite being disjointed. 

Sophomore Hall:

One word describes Sophomore Hall: eerie. This hall starts after the social studies classes and spans the rest of the second floor. It’s just so quiet and empty. Sometimes at the end of the hall towards room 200, the hall lights turn off, increasing the spooky factor tenfold.

During the day most of the classes in this hall are quiet, and only four of the six classrooms even have classes. The decor of the sophomore hall also mirrors this feeling of abandonment. There isn’t much to see except for Senora Mortland’s bulletin board which holds out hope being bright and colorful.

The lockers in this hall are also oddly shorter than any of the other lockers in the school. Every time I pass by them, I wonder what did the sophomores do to get demoted to smaller lockers than the freshmen?

On the spectrum of hallway hospitality, Sophomore Hall is the last place I want to go. 

Junior Hall:

In Junior Hall there is just the sound of footsteps and the occasional voice wafting from a classroom.

This hallway could be described as peaceful. Even though it is still quiet like Sophomore Hall, it doesn’t feel deserted and strange. The classrooms in this hall are mostly English classes, and the teachers seem like some of the more intimidating ones. There is the Journalism/Publications bulletin board that’s interesting to look at, featuring students’ pictures, yearbook sneak peaks and currently thank you’s to teachers.

You can also find near perfect lockers in this hall. The dings and dents are few and far between. 

For these reasons, and because it’s quiet but not deserted, Junior Hall is a home away from hallway home.

Senior Hall:

Senior hall has some of the most activity, being near the nerve center of the building. There are the trophy cases, the guidance office, and the guidance conference room as well as the classrooms that are all full. The bulletin boards highlight seniors’ plans and exciting upcoming events. Right now there is also the board with Mr. PI pageant sign-ups with all the flashy balloons surrounding it.

This hall is just bustling with energy from all the people entering and the rooms that are heavily trafficked.

1st place – Junior Hall: This hallway embodies a quiet serenity that makes it the most enjoyable to be in. 

2nd place – Freshman Hall: If there’s one perk from being the new kids here, at least it’s a homey hallway.

3rd Place – Senior Hall: Much like the excitement the seniors have their last year of high school, this hall is full of just as much activity. 

4th Place – Sophomore Hall: This hall is like a barren desert of high school hopes, empty and quiet.