A Taste of June

Freshmen science classes invite Assistant Principal Joe Greaves into their class to try freshly captured and and beheaded June bugs.


Abby Collins

Jayden Harvell ’25 and Noah Rooney ’22 toast to their June bugs before eating them in Dr. Guerrette’s p.7 science class.

Abby Collins, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, May 31 the freshman science classes invited assistant principal and former science teacher Joe Greaves into their labs to have a unique snack: June bugs. “It’s interesting to try out and it gets the kids excited,” said Greaves. “June bugs are available this time of year, and they actually taste good, and are healthy.”

Many students said that after the wings, legs, and head had been removed, the flavor was similar to chicken and the texture was comparable to butter.  But that didn’t mean all taste-testers became hooked. “I’m never putting a June bug in my mouth again,” said Noah Parmalee ’25.

Freshman science teacher Chris Power said he gets mostly positive feedback and he is surprised by the number of participating students. “We had most of the freshmen try one. The participation was really good,” said Power.

This is the first time since the 2018-19 school year that the freshman science class has been able to hold this lab, due to COVID lockdown and restrictions. About half of each of the four class’s students decided to participate and indulge in the treat, and those who didn’t, were able to watch. “I’ve never really been interested in eating bugs, and all day I heard people talking about how bad it was,” said Lauren Dugal ’25. “Mr. Greaves made us quiet down to hear the crunch, and it really turned me off to it.”

According to Power, a quarter of the world’s population eats insects and so the lab provides insight and an experience for the students to remember.

Rieley Tarbox ’25 holds a ready-to-eat June bug in Dr. Guerrette’s p.7 science class. (Abby Collins )
Katelyn Buck ’25 eats her first June bug in Dr. Guerrette’s p.7 science class. (Abby Collins )
June bugs before being prepared for eating.
(Abby Collins)