White Water Rafting Trip

The famed white water rafting trip was this week’s buzz


Mike Smith

Chaperone Marcie Young and sophomores Owen Mackinnon, Hunter Chandler, Jack Boone, Wyatt Young, Evan Chapman, Jenson Sargent, Hunter Reed and Noah Willette go through the famed class five rapid called The Cribworks on the Penobscot on Wednesday June 1 on the annual Outdoor Club trip.

Hannah Ousby, Staff Writer

On Wednesday June 1, 72 Outdoor Club members and ten chaperones went on the annual white water rafting trip.

At 5 am they boarded the bus at PIHS and headed to Millinocket to the Penobscot river to tackle the rapids. The three buses showed up at their destination and the rafts were in the water by 9 am. Each raft had a guide from the rafting company Northern Outdoors.

This year’s trip is the fifth year the Outdoor Club has gone rafting, with the price of 60 dollars per person, which was an increased price from previous years. The money goes towards the food, wetsuits and everything else provided. 

Olivia Kohlbacher ’23 said her favorite part was, “Going over the waterfall. My raft didn’t flood like most of the other groups.”