What students have in their plans this summer

Your summers before high school may have been full of lazing around with friends but now working may be added into the mix like these four students.


Hannah Ousby, Staff Writer

As we get older and change, what summer break looks like changes, too. We can get jobs now, have much more freedom from our parents and gain independence at the age of sixteen with the earning of a driver’s license. A study done by Zippia said that 30.8% of teens work during the summer and the minimum pay for those jobs, at least in Maine, is $12.27 per hour. If someone is paying for fuel it may eat up all the money they just earned, but earning money gives anyone more freedom. 

Sierra Galipeau ’22 works for her family’s ice cream truck, SCOOPS. She said, “Last year we did mainly festivals which would probably be every day from Wednesday to Sunday.” Not only does working for her family allow her to have flexible hours but festivals are usually in the evenings, giving her free time during the day.

Emma Deeves ’23 will be working two jobs this summer, one at the IGA in Presque Isle and the other at the Presque Isle Rec Center where she will be teaching kids to play tennis. “I actually like both of these jobs, so I’m just going to do two.” With these two jobs added to her already busy life, Deeves will have a packed summer. To her it’s worth it, though, because she gets to help kids at the Rec while also earning money. “This is the very first time I’m going to be working two jobs so I’m a little nervous about that, but I think it will work out pretty good. I have a lot of faith in myself.” 

Olivia Locke ’25 and Jayden Harvell ’25 will be working together at the Mapleton Rec as lifeguards. “I think [working with friends] will make it more exciting to go to work everyday,” said Locke.  Harvell’s reason for working this summer is because she wants to earn money to buy a car. Even though this wasn’t her first choice for a job she said, “I thought that it would be fun to get a tan and chill at the pool for the summer.” But in these two girls’ free time they will be doing some summer sports, summer camps and just relaxing from a long school year. 

Not only does a student working during the summer earn them money but it can also give you important life skills to prepare you for being an adult.  “It helps with managing money and how to connect personally with people I don’t see everyday,” said Deeves.