Doorway to Greatness

PIHS alum brings mural to life in Guidance office


Kai Levesque

Heather Harvell ’96 works on painting the mural on the inside wall of the guidance office on June 7, 2022.

Kai Levesque, Staff Writer

Guidance Director Allison Reed and the Guidance department conjured the idea for a wall-sized mural within their office.

“I felt like there needed to be change,” said Reed. “We want all students to feel warmth and welcome when they come into the guidance office.” The painting’s focus is on life’s paths through careers and beyond.

Though it’s hidden for now, the mural is planned to be revealed by this Friday, June 10. “For the seniors before they graduate,” said artist Heather Harvell,  The process of sketching, color-blocking, and gridding has taken Harvell approximately 20-25 hours, and she expects it will take around 45 hours to complete according to Harvell.