Microwave Popcorn Review

A deeper dive into the joy of a good microwave corn


Abby Collins, Staff Writer

A midnight snack of Orville Redenbacher really is an adventure. In this food review, let me show you how to prepare and thoroughly enjoy it. 

I pull the crinkly, clear wrapping off the bag of Tender White, Orville Redenbacher, microwave popcorn and place it in the microwave. I assemble it so the two sides touch at the top, and press the popcorn button to start the timer. It beeps loud enough for all of the silent house to hear me preparing my late-night snack. Oh well.

About thirty seconds into my two minutes and thirty seconds I start to hear the kernels pop on the far end of my countertop. The popping is steady and strong for the rest of the two minutes. By the time the microwave has beeped again to warn the sleeping house, the bag is puffed and the strong scent of artificial butter fills the kitchen.

I pull out the hot pouch and shake the kernels out into the garbage. Sitting in the second drawer down across from the oven is my favorite popcorn bowl, plastic and marbled. I grab the bowl and pour the popcorn into the bowl, my mouth watering for a salty crunch.

Making my way into the living room, my cat jumps on my lap and we cuddle in to devour some popcorn. Finally the crunch of the salty, buttery, delicious popcorn hits my taste buds and I’m amazed by how satisfying it always is.

I’m instantly able to tell this isn’t your average popcorn, not Act II popcorn that gets lost in your Halloween bag, no this is the good stuff. As any rational person does, I search the bowl for the least buttered pieces and down those first. At last, the only pieces left in my favorite bowl are loaded with butter. I pop them in my mouth and my mouth is overwhelmed with buttery, salty, rays of flavor.

At the perfect time, I hear the wind chimes on my front porch that sings a song of happiness.