Seniors celebrate Class Day for first time since 2019

Scholarships, awards presented at return of graduation week event


Hannah Ousby

The Class of 2022 sits together for the last time in the PIHS gym during Class Day. “I think it’s a great way to highlight all the work that all the seniors have put into the scholarship processes,” said Alison Sweetser ‘25

Hannah Ousby, Staff Writer

On Thursday, June 9, the Class of 2022 attended their Class Day at 1:00. Class Day is the event where scholarships and other awards are presented to seniors.

In total there were just over 243,000 dollars distributed in scholarships to the 45 students who applied this year. The scholarships ranged from $100 to $6000 for each of the four years of college.

Each scholarship has its own requirements, either decided by the school or by each scholarship committee, and they are academically and/or financial-need based. 

The Senator George Mitchell Scholarship Fund is given to only one student, and this year it went to senior Alison Sweetser. “It honestly felt so surreal,” said Sweetser. “When Mr Bartlett started talking about the Mitchell Scholarship, I was hoping I had gotten it. I was so surprised that I did, and it’s definitely relieved some stress as far as financials go.”

Seniors next gather for commencement activities at the turf on Saturday, June 11.