One last walk

The graduating class of 2022 walked through SAD 1 schools one last time before graduation


Abby Collins

Jonah Roy ’22 and Madison Hedrick ’22 proudly march through PIHS together.

Abby Collins, Staff Writer

On Friday, June 10, the seniors of PIHS walked through the hallways of their former SAD 1 schools in their caps and gowns. Seniors were greeted by signs and cheers for siblings, friends and all graduates. 

Seniors marched through:

  • Mapleton Elementary 
  • Pine Street
  • Zippel Elementary
  • Presque Isle Middle School
  • Alternative Ed
  • Presque Isle High School

PIHS has been doing this low-tech but heartwarming tradition since 2016. “It’s surreal, I’ve gone through 14 years of school and it doesn’t feel like I should be done,” said Breanna Wasson ’22.  

“It’s bittersweet to reminisce and it was nice to see familiar faces of my former teachers,” said Ethan Shaw ’22.

Libby Kinney ’22 and Cassidy Carlisle ’25 embrace in a tearful hug. (Abby Collins )