The freshmen move in

Is there enough room?

Aubrey Peckham , Staff writer

On Wednesday, August 17 the PIHS class of 2026 started their high school career. With 146 freshmen enrolled, it is a noticeably larger class.  By comparison, the class of 2025 has an enrollment of 116, 2024 is 108 and the senior class of 2023 has an enrollment of 101.

One of the clearest places to see this bump in size is the second lunch in the cafeteria. It is far more crowded this year during the 23 minute lunch. It has been said by many students and staff that the lunch room is more crowded this year than last year. Dyllon Francis ’25 said, “It’s very crowded and grade levels should just eat with their own grade”. “It’s over crowded,” Freddy Martin ‘25 said. 

“I feel really good. I go into the lunch line then I get my lunch and I sit at a table filled with positive people that motivate me.” Jaciey McFadden 2026.