“This is what it’s all about”

Senior Class hosts first fall dance since 2019


Lane Carmichael

The Harvest Homecoming Dance will be Friday, September 16.

Lane Carmichael, Staff Writer

Next Friday, September 16, the class of 2023 will host a Harvest Homecoming dance. This dance is available for all students at PIHS. The dance will be inside the cafeteria. This is the first dance for some students here at Presque Isle, since the last few years have been tough for student life and socializing. Some students have never had the school dance experience. “This is what high school is all about,” Zack Powers, senior class adviser, said. 

“For some people, this is their first time and others haven’t done anything like this since 2018, outside of prom,” said Powers. “It’s what high school is all about, getting to do the things you’ve never done before and having a good experience.” Powers thinks this will be, “A great opportunity for students to start to feel normal again,” after COVID. 

The entry fee to the event will be five dollars. If anyone is looking to bring a guest from another school, let Mr. Greaves know the student’s school, grade and name.