Staff Picks: Rhiauna Davenport


Rhiauna fabulously poses on top of the hallway bench (Photographed and edited by Makayla White)

Makayla White, Staff Writer

For our second September week of “Staff Picks,” I’ve chosen Miss Rhiauna Davenport ’24. Her bubbly personality and constant kindness made this interview a total blast. I may be a little bit biased, but her choices were phenomenal.

First off, we chatted about music. Rhiauna has been listening to everything from Pink Floyd to Taylor Swift. When I was shocked by her knowledge of Pink Floyd songs, she responded with “You can’t get enough Pink Floyd!” She’s also been rocking out to “Patient No. 9” by Ozzy Osbourne (thanks to my staff picks last week).

Next, we chatted about television and movies. She just finished Stranger Things and, like many of us, she says “I love Eddie Munson.” She is also totally loving “Cinderella Story” with Hillary Duff (a certified classic)

Rhiauna has just finished reading Lord of the Rings, which is a lot of work, so now she’s taking a little break but she’s up for any fantasy book recommendations. Her Dunkin’ picks this week are any of the fall flavors (again, very relatable).

Rhiauna is a wonderful person, with a fabulous attitude and outlook on life. If you see her around this week make sure to wish her a totally tubular Tuesday, wonderful Wednesday, terrific Thursday, or a Fabulous Friday (to honor her own fashion).