College fair and PI pride


Makayla White

Scenes from the College & Career Fair on October 21, as well as the bake sale sponsored by JMG.

Makayla White, Staff Writer

On Friday, October 21, PIHS welcomed more than 50 colleges and businesses from all over the state to offer information about career paths, scholarships and the future that is in our hands. It was the perfect way to end the week.

The event was exciting, maybe because of the free swag. Students were dismissed by class to wander around and admire the tables set up by colleges and businesses with the rest of their classmates. For the seniors, this was a pretty big deal, walking around and thinking about what’s next after this is all over. Time is definitely flying (senior year gets a bit scary) and events like the college fair are a nice reminder that the PIHS staff is good at looking out for us. 

A prime example of this was my personal favorite feature of the college fair. JMG teacher Matt Hudson and his students set up a bake sale table to raise money for the junior (and Anchor staff writer) Rhiauna Davenport ’24. Rhiauna has recently had a health scare, and our school truly is not the same without her optimism and bubbly personality. The JMG class did a wonderful job of encapsulating her positive attitude through quirky signs and colorful treats. “I came up with the idea, but I definitely relied on student support to make it happen,” Hudson said. “It was a fun adventure to make all of it. You really gotta try the lemon bars. They are life-altering.” 

To the staff of PIHS, thank you for making things like this happen for us. To JMG, thank you for being great leaders and showing us how easy it is to raise awareness for something so big. In times like these, Wildcat pride is strong and it is most definitely felt.