One blank canvas too many

Hallway display spaces sadly lack anything worth displaying


Makayla White

A sad bulletin board located at the entrance to the lower gym is in need of some serious work.

Makayla White, Staff Writer

The high school experience: every day is nearly the exact same routine, with the exception of the occasional bursts of drama or pep rallies or a weak boy brawl in the bathroom.

Every day we walk through the doors (maybe after a quick altercation with the not-so-open OpenPath) to bask in the beauty of beige walls and bored outfits of black and white.

Imagine we could change all of that. The hallway bulletin boards are practically giant blank canvases, just waiting to be decorated and filled by creative students. Shouldn’t we be showing off all of our pride for our school and for our talents? Imagine how different we would feel walking down hallways every day that reflect us. No more four year-old bulletin board set ups.  No more memos on display from 2017.  We can’t keep expecting the teachers to take care of all these spaces outside their own classrooms. We are able to step in and show everyone what we can do.

I’m not suggesting we cover the halls in confetti and rainbows and lights and such, but we should display to the school who we are. We should be reflecting the student body back to itself and to visitors, not just walking past boards with faded events and non-existent clubs from four plus years ago.

Students with creativity, get out there and show us your skills. Let’s give PIHS display spaces a makeover because that’s what our school – what we – deserve.

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