Halloween spirit shows in annual competition


Marcie Young

Freshman Denver Miller poses in the costume she handmade for the October 31 school dress-up day.

Lane Carmichael, Staff Writer

On Monday, October 31, PIHS students showed their Halloween spirit. During the day students were encouraged to wear a school appropriate costume, and the class with the highest participation won this pre-Winter Carnival event. 

Coming in last place were the juniors with 42.5% dressed up, the freshman in third with 45.4%, seniors in second with 49.3%, and in first place were the sophomores with 58.9% participating. 

This is the second year in a row that the sophomore class has won this competition. “I’m really happy that we won the second year in a row,” sophomore Brent Greenlaw said. “It’s not a lot of points, but it will make it easier when the games come around this March.”