All about Gas

The Gas app logo

The Gas app logo

Ethan Dionne , Staff Writer

This week, a new app has blown up. “Gas” is an app where you can vote for people on a certain topic. For example, there’s a question about the perfect person to lie under the stars. There’s four random people’s names and people can say who they think deserves it.

People haven’t seen anything like it, and you can also post it to your Snapchat stories where it shows the results of you winning that vote. The polls on Gas have an hour cooldown and have 12 questions each and are randomly generated. The cooldown can be skipped if you invite a friend to the app, which is possibly why the app just randomly blew up. The app also has a currency in the form of coins. Thankfully, these can’t be paid for but you receive them for completing polls on people and at the end you can “cash out” and get your coins. All you can do with them is get your name in polls. They also have a subscription service that reveals who votes for you for $7 a week which totals to over $300 a year.

“It’s pretty gas,” freshman class president Teddy Donovan said. “But by next week no one will be using it.”