Staff picks: Astra


Makayla White

Astra poses in the journalism classroom

Makayla White, Staff writer

For this week’s staff picks, I had the pleasure of interviewing freshman Anchor writer Astra Laughton. Astra was super fun to work with and we may have done a fun little photoshoot.
For music this month, Astra’s top picks for music were Taylor Swift and Bailey Zimmerman. When I asked what she listens to she responded, “Taylor Swift, of course, but it’s a variety. Whatever comes on shuffle and I know it, I sing it.”
Astra doesn’t watch tv but for some background noise she enjoys Gilmore Girls or Grey’s Anatomy. She has watched Gilmore Girls six times and said she is Team Logan all the way.
Her book of choice was It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover, but she doesn’t spend much time reading because she’s busy hunting. Astra said, “I get home way earlier now that soccer is over so I’ve been hunting and going to the gym.”