First snowfall strikes Presque Isle

The first snow seemed rather late but gives mixed reactions around the school


Lane Carmichael

The new winter scenery after the most recent snowfall at PIHS on Sunday, November 13.

Max Graves, Staff Weiter

On the night of Sunday, November 13 everyone looked out their windows and realized that the rain had just turned to snow for the first time of the year. The first snowfall that was measurable in Presque Isle had people psyched and found themselves posting on social media to show their excitement.

Monday at school students felt both happy and sad about the change to winter scenery. “I was really excited about the snow because that means that big rock might be able to open before Christmas,” Violet Gregg ’24 said. “Also, I hope it stays so we can ski as soon as possible.”

“I was quite sad because that means I have a whole winter before I can play golf again,” Gavin Dunleavy ’24 said. “But happy at the same time, cause I get to see Max in flannel more often.”

On the heals of the first snowfall, school is getting out early today, Wednesday, November 16, due to a predicted 6′ to 10′ of snow. Sam Donohue ’24, a newly enrolled student from California, isn’t used to this much snow. “I’ve never had a snow day, so that would be dope,” he said. “I’d probably just relax.”