Classes compete in annual penny drive

PIHS students raise money to help student in need


Lane Carmichael

Max Graves ‘24 negates points from the sophomore class, to help push the juniors ahead and to help out a classmate.

Lane Carmichael, Staff Writer

From November 14 to 18, students took action in the second winter carnival competition this year with the annual penny drive battle. All the money raised is going to the family of junior Rhiauna Davenport who is recovering from an emergency surgery. All the classes geared up and came through with a strong final tally of $787.29. With additional funds, the student council was able to bring the total to $1,000.

A penny drive consists of each class having a large jar to fill.  Pennies in a class’s jar add points and silver coins and bills in a jar negate points.

Coming in first place were the seniors who had -4,812 points, second place were the freshmen with -9,749 points, third place sophomores with -13,255, and last place were the Juniors with -17,648 points. 

“It’s cool that the student body is getting together to do something for Rhiauna because they all care about her and are supporting her,” Rylee Davenport ’24, Rhiauna’s twin sister, said.

Winter Carnival Standings as of November 18:

4th Juniors 40 points

3rd Freshmen 70 points

2nd Sophomores 80 points

1st Seniors 90 points