New hot spot in town


Makayla White

The menu of choices hangs on the wall of the Bubble Tea Cafe.

Astra Laughton , Staff writer

Presque Isle has got a new hot spot in town called Bubble Tea Cafe. Many of our high school students have been there already. “I’m not a big tea person, so I didn’t really like it, but I thought the inside was cute,” Mallory Cronin ‘26 said.

On the other hand, “It’s a unique new spot and it’s something new to Presque Isle. It’s definitely something that we need here. The bubble tea cafe is like a little escape from Presque Isle and the location is nice because it’s right next to a hair salon so you can get your hair done and get the perfect instagram picture,” said Makayla White ’23.

The new Bubble Tea place has lots of different varieties going from hot tea, fruit tea, milk tea, smoothies, and even slushies. Bubble Tea even has a kids menu for all the little ones.