Staff Picks: Lane Carmichael


Makayla White

Lane poses in the seniors’ “Top Gun” section of the hallway

Makayla White, Staff Writer

For this week’s staff picks, I interviewed freshman staff writer Lane Carmichael. Lane is also the host of The Anchor’s very own talk show, “Stay in the Lane.”

For music he has been streaming Metallica, Phil Collins and Bob Marley. Specifically the songs “One,” “In the Air (Tonight),” and “Could You Be Loved.”

When Lane has time to watch TV, he watches Miami Vice, Seinfeld, Yellowstone and Better Call Saul. “I know, I’m stuck in the 80’s,” he added. (Probably not a bad thing) Although, he doesn’t have much time to watch TV, due to a busy schedule filled with basketball practices and games. “I play a lot of basketball but my favorite sport is actually baseball,” he said.