Classes unify to compete in the annual Deck the Halls event

Students spend their free time after school at an attempt to win for their class


Max Graves

The seniors completed hall showcases movie scenes from Top Gun, Jaws, Titanic and Star Wars. This hall would eventually go on to win the annual event.

Max Graves, Staff Writer

From December 5 to 9, students of each class spent time after school decorating their respective hallways. In a friendly competition among the four classes, each class selected a unique theme for their hall, while also creating a mural.  “I think Deck the Halls is good for the school because it unites everyone of your specific class to try and work together and win for the class,” Jack Boone ’24 said. “It’s fun to collaborate with everyone and use everyone’s creativity to win.”

2nd place Junior hall
“Family Game Night” (Max Graves)

The freshman picked a decades theme consisting of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. Sophomores created a “let’s go camping” theme. Juniors picked family game night as their theme. Finally, the seniors picked blockbuster movies as their theme.

3rd place Sophomore hall
“Lets go Camping” (Max Graves)

Many voting ballots were given out. Some were just for fun, such a vote from the public after the halls were open on Friday evening, December 9. There was also a faculty vote.  The real vote that counted for winter carnival points was done by alumni of our school who scored each hall in a private judging session.

4th place Freshman hall
“Decades” (Max Graves)

The overall mural was won by the sophomores.

The public vote was won by the sophomores.

The faculty vote was won by the juniors.

For all the glory the real vote was won by the seniors.


Winter Carnival Standings as of December 13:

4th Freshmen 170 points

3rd Juniors 340 points

2nd Sophomores 380 points

1st Seniors 390 points

The next winter carnival point events are dress up days on December 21 (Christmas pajamas) and December 22 (ugly Christmas sweaters).