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The Student News Site of Presque Isle High School

The Anchor

The Student News Site of Presque Isle High School

The Anchor


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Staff Picks of the Week: Melody Craig

Xavier Peng
Melodi peeking at the camera through the tree.

It’s a new school year, and The Anchor has welcomed a number of new staff writers who’ve been trained in photography skills and captioning and are about to start getting their work published on the website. That also marks the beginning of our new series of Staff Picks of The Week.

The first new staff member that we will get to know is Melody Craig ’26, we had film class together last year, and I still remember some of her presentations and great writing. It’s exciting to get to know more about her.

Right away, we talked about what’s been going on in Melodi’s life going into her sophomore year in PIHS. “I signed up for Driver’s Ed as soon as I start school, and I’m also trying to get my work permit so that I can work at Dunkin’,” she said. “It’s because of the free coffee and discounts they give to staff.” I was surprised to know that, and definitely was tempted to apply.

Melodi chooses Zach Bryan’s album as a piece of music that fits her mood lately. “My favorite track on the album is ‘Tourniquet’. I find his lyrics super relatable and he has a good voice,” Melodi said. She’s also been watching the TV series that share the same universe as the classic “The Karate Kid,” and has won both critical acclaim and the audiences’ cheers since its debut, Cobra Kai. “One thing I’ve learned from the characters in this show is that fighting isn’t always for violence, it could be for self-defense and sometimes it isn’t even a solution,” Melodi said.

Lastly, we’ve discussed Melodi’s expectations as the new blood of The Anchor, and honestly it was quite touching. She said, “I want to give the quiet kids a chance to be featured and have their voice heard.” She agreed when I brought up the fact that some of them really want to be included, “It’s just sometimes they could get nervous, and I don’t want them to miss the chance because of that.”

Although Melodi haven’t figured out specific ways to change that, me and the rest of The Anchor staff would help her get to such important goal.

The talk with Melodi was great and from what I’ve known from our conversation, I can see her being a promising star writer of The Anchor. I look forward to seeing her articles published and see what she could bring as a representation of the students previously missed by our website.

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