Showcase of Seniors: Wildcat Pride

Connor Demerchant shares his senior pride


Gavin Tawfall

“To be a Wildcat means hard work that everyone puts in and it means we hold our students to higher standards than other schools. I love the traditions that we’ve done for years,” Connor Demerchant ‘20 said.

Gavin Tawfall, Staff Writer

Connor Demerchant is the definition of a Wildcat.

Connor is committed to his varsity teams. Connor talks frequently about his love for hockey. He has played with many of his varsity teammates since he was three years old, and over time they’ve become best friends. Connor also considers his soccer career a highlight. The boys varsity soccer team won the Class B state championship last year and Connor credits his former varsity coach with leading them there. “Coach Greaves put the entire team into a mindset that led to us winning. He shaped me into who I am today.” 

Connor is driven to continue his education at a good college. “In 9th grade, I didn’t have to try as hard, but by the end of 11th grade, I realized how hard I have to try to do well. Being a senior is by far the hardest for me because I have to take classes that I’ve put off until this year, so my schedule is packed.” Connor said he would like to go to either Bowdoin or Northeastern for biology, and when he settles down, he wants to remain in New England but travel the world. 

Connor is fully aware of his impact as a senior. “I want to be remembered as a leader and friend to everyone, and I want my teachers to remember me as being a good student, getting my homework done on time, studying for tests and not making my teachers mad.” 

“I remember thinking that it would take forever to become a senior,” Connor said. “I don’t feel like a senior. Time flew by.”