Humans of PIHS: Remembering a Time of Travel

Mackenzie Hayes ‘21 reflects on her previous travels to Ireland.


Julianna Morningstar

“I can’t wait for this pandemic to be over so I can travel again,” said Mackenzie Hayes ’21.

Julianna Morningstar, Staff Writer

“One of my dreams would be to study abroad, or just visit France in general. I have always loved the culture, but I don’t think I could live there. I’m very bad with the French language, (sorry Madame Dubois). I have already traveled to Ireland because my dad is from there, so we got to visit his side of the family. I loved Ireland, it was so nice over there. I wish I could just move there right now, but you never know how the future is going to go. To me, Ireland just really feels like home, the weather was really nice. I love that type of weather that is like 40 to 60 degrees and kind of rainy and a little bit cloudy. It’s perfect. People there tend to be very loud, at least the people I met. The towns are kind of small so you get to know a lot of people in your town. There are tons of fun things to do at pubs and stores, and outdoor shopping areas. Ireland tends to be very green, overall.  My family and I went to the cliffs of Moher that overlooks this really beautiful body of water. When it comes to traveling I am very precise, unlike my dad. I always make sure we are at the airport three hours before the flight. We have to double check everything to make sure it all goes right because there are always possibilities of being delayed. Once I am on the plane I am fine, but beforehand I can go a little crazy. The plane flight was between seven and eight hours long to Ireland, from what I remember. I was only in seventh grade so I am definitely ready to go again soon sometime. My family and I wanted to go back last summer but then, pandemic. We also wanted to go again this summer but still, pandemic. Ireland is still completely on lockdown.”