Holiday Edition Humans of PIHS: Carlee Wood

The skating scene of Charlie Brown Christmas is an iconic part of the movie.


Hannah Ousby

“I get bored of one big present too quickly; receiving more smaller presents is better for me.”

Abby Collins and Hannah Ousby

Sleep in or wake up early on Christmas?

Wake up early. I can’t make myself sleep in.

Colorful tree or set theme?

Colorful ornaments

Make Christmas ornaments for your tree or make gifts for people?


Open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

I usually open my grandparents’ gifts  on Christmas Eve and my parents’ gifts on Christmas Day.

Open presents one at a time or all at once?

One at a time

A bunch of small presents or one or two big presents?

Small presents

Receive presents or gift presents?

Giving presents, I love picking out the perfect gift.

Have a snowy Christmas or a green Christmas?

Snow but only on Christmas

Spend Christmas with your family or with a celebrity of choice?

My family, because I know them better than a celebrity.

Watch the Polar Express or Elf?

I’ve never seen Elf, and I don’t like the Polar Express.

Be in a scene from Charlie Brown Christmas or Elf?

Charlie Brown Christmas, the skating scene.

See the Nutcracker or perform in the Nutcracker?

Perform in the Nutcracker; it’s a lot of fun.

Play in the Super Bowl or perform in the Nutcracker?

Perform in the Nutcracker

Spend a day with the Grinch or Jack Frost?

The Grinch

Gingerbread cookies or sugar cookies?

Sugar cookies

Egg nog or hot chocolate?

Hot chocolate

Mint or fruity candy canes?

Mint, it’s classic.

What is your favorite Christmas memory?

The last few Christmases my parents have given my sister and I one big present to share, and we have to do a scavenger hunt to find it.

What is your favorite Christmas present you’ve received or given?

I got AirPods and a Nintendo Switch last year.

What is a Christmas tradition you have? 

My grandmother usually spends the night with us on Christmas Eve