What’s that trophy?

Cassidy Carlisle, Staff Writer

We have a lot of trophies proudly displayed in the hallways and lobbies of our school, spanning more than 100 years of PIHS history. The good news is, there’s a lot to be proud of.  The bad news – there are quite a few that our students don’t know what these statues, sculptures or plaques represent. We asked students to offer their best guesses what some of these (rather unique) trophies are for. 

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  • “Volleyball,” Dakota Dube. “Singing,” Jaicey McFadden. “Aladdin award,” Kolbie Langley.

  • “Sailing team,” Hattie Cogswell. “Yearbook,” Neve Guerrette. “Geography,” Isaac Staples.

  • “Magic contest,” McKayla Guerrette. “Being a genie,” Sidney Tawfall. “Mind reading competition,” Aubrey Ellsworth.

  • “Water polo,” Dyllan. Maple. “Pie eating contest,” Abby Collins. “Thanksgiving,” Astra Laughton.

  • “Eating the biggest ham,” Molly McCluskey. “Baking competition,” Mya Caron. “Bowling,” Charlie Peers.

  • “Engineering,” Olivia Boardman. “Best builder,” Alyssa Blade. “Building fan club,” Lita Perkins.

  • “Winning the paper boat contest,” Allie Bartol. “Winning battleship,” Addie Clairmont. “Yearbook,” Kacie Marston.

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