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The Student News Site of Presque Isle High School

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The Student News Site of Presque Isle High School

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Top 5 Peeps Flavors

Neve O’Donnell ‘27 enjoying the paper Peep she made in honor of her favorite Peeps, Party Cake.

Winter holidays are right around the corner, which means that more Peeps flavors will hit the shelves soon. Halloween Peeps had its time this year just a week ago, and the spotlight would likely shine on winter-themed Peeps next, as Christmas is now less than ten Fridays away.


Now here is the question, what is the best Peeps flavor? Some say no Peeps are good. “They taste like chemicals and styrofoam, and the sugar on the outside is horrible,” Lydia Bragdon ’27 said. Others disagree. “I pluck the eyes out and eat them first, then the ears, then the rest,” Neve O’Donnell ’27 said.


  1. Top on the list are Party Cake Peeps. A thorough investigation of five students’ favorite Peeps flavor indicates that, as three out of five agreed, Party Cake is the best. “I would eat Party Cake peeps for the rest of my life if I could,” O’Donnell said.
  2. After asking another group of freshmen what the second best flavor is, the majority said Cotton Candy. Though I personally disagree and think Cotton candy is the worst flavor of Peeps.
  3. Next was a flavor commented by some that tastes the same as every other Peep: Winter Peeps, “I really can’t tell the difference between any flavor of Peeps to be honest,” Triston Ibister ’27 said.
  4. Taking the spot of number four on the list is Halloween Peeps. “I love the pumpkin ones, those are the only ones my mom buys,” Bailey Brewer ‘27 said.
  5. The original Peeps completed the list. 


If you have a different opinion, comment below what you think the best Peep flavor is!

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