Concert review: Houndmouth


Makayla White

The band plays the State Theatre in Portland, Maine on April 29.

Makayla White, Staff writer

“I cannot express to you how much this really means to us. We love you Portland,” lead guitarist Matt Myers said halfway through their “Chartreuse and Chandeliers” tour. On April 29 Indie folk rock band Houndmouth played their first ever sold out evening at the State Theatre in Portland, Maine.

I had the pleasure of speaking with their current bassist, Zac Anderson, who expressed his gratitude for anyone supporting his musical journey. He admired photos that I took of the band and posted on Instagram, beaming about his passion for music. After telling him how much I appreciate him for his bass skills, he responded, “I actually play guitar in my band,” (The Ego Trippers) “but thank you so much, I’m glad you like the tunes.”

Zac is filling in for Houndmouth as a bassist while their regular bassist is on a hiatus. He fills in very well, as if he’s always been there, having fantastic chemistry and being perfectly in sync with the rest of the band, he makes it look easy and he is very humble about that.

Lead guitarist Matt Myers said, “This crew that we’re touring with right now is just so tight, and we all get along really well.” Though the band has had members leave and join and cycle in and out, they manage to make everything natural. Even onstage they giggle about inside jokes and dance together like no one is watching.

Their energy spread to the crowd keeping us lively, dancing and singing along to every word, especially enthusiastic about, “a Saturday night kinda pink,” in their most notorious song “Sedona.”

“That was such a fun show!” Anderson told me. I have to agree. Though I wasn’t on stage, the music and energy was contagious and welcoming, and I cannot wait until they’re back in town.