Annual Pride celebration held in PI

Xavier Peng, Staff Writer

The Riverside Pavilion of Presque Isle was packed with people with pride flags, glittery make-up and good vibes on June 17, as the annual Pride Celebration of the Pride Aroostook took place at the site.

Despite the rather gloomy weather on Saturday, the joyful and harmonious atmosphere of Pride Aroostook still managed to delight the sky. Even from afar, you could see the site decorated with all kinds of pride flags and inclusive signs. More than fifteen organizations, non-profit and indie handcrafting/art stores put up their tents and tables to welcome visitors all around the county. Some gave out free swag to promote their campaigns and programs from domestic abuse awareness to gender neutral bathrooms advocacy, others sold their Pride Month theme artworks and goodies. A diverse range of LGBTQ+ community members and allies, including little kids, seniors and even adorable pet pals, had a great times there. You could see us posing for pictures on the grass, resting with friends by the food truck or dancing to the live band’s performance. Everyone had big smiles on their faces and was enjoying the small but warming rural celebration of an important month of the year. 

I also spotted some PIHS students who were at the event and asked them about what they thought of the whole thing. Rylee Crowe ’24 said, “I think that having pride in such a rural area is very important. I loved the sense of community that I felt while being at Pride Aroostook and I just hope next year it won’t be cold and rainy.”

It was truly remarkable to be at Pride Aroostook as my very first pride event. I had fun volunteering and got to talk to so many amazing people and also got lots of free merch! It’s nice to be able to be somewhere that I felt completely safe and extra proud of my identity. It’s truly what this historic month of Pride month means.

Xavier Peng