2020 Election: Students’ Opinions

Students of Presque Isle High School share their opinions on the upcoming presidential election.

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  • Noah Willette ‘24

  • Rossalyn Buck ’23

  • Ellie Clark ‘23 showing her mom in a Susan Collins ad.

  • Jack Buck ‘24

  • Rossalyn Buck ‘23 showing off her Donald Trump merchandise.

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As the 2020 presidential election is approaching, people across the country have been expressing their political views. While driving down the road, it is almost inevitable you will spot at least one sign or flag in someone’s yard. In PIHS, there are of course people who support either Donald Trump or Joe Biden, but there are also people who don’t know where they stand politically.

Regarding the debate on Thursday, Noah Willette ‘24 stated, “I support Trump, and Joe Biden needs to answer his questions and stop avoiding them.”

When Karee Bagley ‘24 was asked who she supports, she replied, “Neither, because Biden isn’t fit to become president, but Trump isn’t what we need.”

Ellie Clark ‘23 is unique politically in our town because her mom was featured in a Susan Collins ad. “You may have seen my mother, Sharmon Clark, in a Susan Collins ad. I feel that my lack of knowledge on the topic of politics makes it difficult to choose a party to vote for. Therefore, I typically choose to go along with my parents’ views,” Clark said. 

Chris Nelson ‘23 said, “When it comes to politics, I’m not really big on them. This is because they cause controversy with people with close bonds. However, I believe in the Republican side of things.”

Kiley Howlett ‘22 said, “Since I can’t vote, I don’t really care who runs. I don’t have anything to do with it.”

Emily Bemis ‘22 said, “I prefer Joe Biden. He believes in climate change, he believes women should be able to choose whether they get an abortion or not, and he is planning on taxing the richest 1% of people. I also just want Donald Trump out of office because he’s an incompetent narcissist who wants credit for things he didn’t do, and wants none of the blame for things he’s caused.”

Portia Shaw ‘21 said, “Trump 2020. Trump has saved our economy multiple times, he’s a g. But I can’t have much of an opinion because of my age, so that’s the best I can do.”

Julianna Hundley-Mondello stated, “I’m not really on either side. Trump’s merch tends to be vulgar. I wish he could be nicer in general.”

Bethany Baker ‘21 stated, “As a woman I feel that rights and choices are more important than the Republican party’s argument that Trump has helped the economy. That is why I like Biden.”

There will be a mock presidential election at Presque Isle High School on Tuesday, October 27. Be on the lookout for a ballot email from Mr. Powers Tuesday morning, as voting will take place from 8:00am through the end of lunch.