Finals in January and a “New Year” of School in February

Students at PIHS share their opinions on the recent finals and shift to new classes at the start of February.


Hailey Fitzmaurice

Finals week took place this year at the end of January, when it would normally be midterms.

Hailey Fitzmaurice, Staff Writer

Jocelyn Gagnon ’23 -“Finals were pretty easy for me and switching halfway throughout the year is really weird, and I don’t think it would really give us education like a regular year would.”

Kaylee Theriault ’23 – “I don’t like it. I’d rather have one final and one midterm for each class.”

Karlyn Gilmore ’24 – “I feel like it was very good with switching throughout the year because we don’t get loaded with so much info that our brains can’t take. The finals also are very easy and definitely set 90 or above standards.”

Noah Willette ’24 – “I like it. I love the 90 or above exemption, because it gives kids and incentive to get better grades.”

Emma Deeves ’23 – “Well at first I’m not going to lie, it was a little stressful but later on I was able to figure it out.”

Morgan Seward ’22 – “Finals haven’t been bad because I’ve only had to take one. Switching schedules makes me sad because I will miss my class.”

Marah Clark ’24 – “I think switching halfway through the year is a good idea. I think this year has been very confusing, and having only four classes makes it easier than having 7 classes to focus on.”

Sierra Farley ’23 – “I like the new policy for finals with not having to take them if you have a 90 or above, and I also like only having four classes and switching halfway because we get more time to learn and working class and usually end up not having as much homework.”

Evan Chapman ’24 – “I think changing classes through the year is good because we can have a variety of classes throughout the school year. I like how they let us not take a midterm or final if we had a 90 or higher, because it made the kids actually feel like they were working for something.”

Jayden McPherson ’21 – “I didn’t have to take finals this year, but I like the four-block schedule because it gives us a little extra time in each class, and I love that.”